Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Questionnaire Results

Hello, hello, hello.

Ok, so it's been a little while since I've posted, but that's for a good reason. I've been working pretty hard on getting the cafe premise confirmed, but more about that later.

I'm please to announce I've finally got some quantitive data from the questionnaire that I sent out back in January. I unfortunately made the mistake of doing the questions by email and this resulted in very randomised data. Whilst it was very interesting to read through all the responses (and I did read them all) it made analysing the data very difficult. So basically, what I had to do was translate and input some of the data into a spreadsheet to gain a better understanding of whether people really wanted coffee bean choice or not. Below are a few graphs to give you an idea of the info I got out of it:

Most people considered the order of 1. Food, 2. Service, 3. Atmosphere then 4. Beverages to be correct and alot of people said that weekday brunch was pretty much out of the question. I reckon FT work might have something to do with that!

We had a number of really great meal suggestions. For example, Salt & Pepper Calamari on Rocket with a Chilli Mayonaise was a standout item. We also had lots of people wanting really tasty salads. I can't guarantee we'll be able to cater for absolutely everyone, but we'll do our best!

Website presence seemed to be neither here nor there, so we'll just keep a simple site up, with out current menus. Plus the blog will hopefully live on.

A HUGE THANK YOU needs to be extended to everyone who participated in the questionnaire.

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